Project LIFE Sludge4Aggregates

The LIFE Sludge4Aggregates project aims to demonstrate the viability of the valorisation of sludge from both WWT- Ps and the aggregate  extraction process. It specifically hopes to develop a new artificial, lightweight aggregate from the sludge that can have industrial applications.

The project will apply a  new technology based on the treatment of different mixtures of the mining and WWTP sludge wastes to obtain new and inert low density ceramic products. The project will design and develop a pilot plant for the production of these new artificial lightweight aggregates, including defining the necessary  technological and environmental parameters for the process.


Characteristics of the project

Valorization of sludges from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and from the production process of aggregates, through their transformation in lightweight aggregates, with application in the construction and soil remediation sectors.


Development of an innovator process for the obtainment of lightweight aggregates from sludge waste. Valorization of themselves is various applications.
Design and development of a valorization pilot plant of sludges as lightweight aggregates.
Reduction of raw materials consumption and waste for dumps. Increase of Life Cycle Assessment of the materials. Development of new sustainable productive process.

Project LIFE Sludge4Aggregates


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